Naruto Manga 616 – The Forbidden Jutsu of Hyuuga

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Naruto 616 chapter scans

Why would Kishi have to decide a side for Sasuke? Why couldn’t he simply remain as he is, an antagonist against both sides? His original goal of achieving his revenge works as the prefect justification for any possible action he could take, as both key member of each side is within his target sight.

And it’s already been established that Sasuke is fully willing to set aside his personal revenge to achieve a greater goal, such as when he set aside his desire to attack Konoha in favor of a future fight with the full powered Naruto or when he set aside his questions for Itachi to deal with Kabuto. So it wouldn’t be out of the question that Sasuke could decide that murdering Obito is more important then killing Naruto at this time, and work with him for a short time.