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naruto 629 manga

naruto 629 manga

Everyone is enjoying the merits of kurama chakra. the amazing power would cause some form of addiction for the entire shinobi world. everybody would want to taste that power and become that much stronger forever, village leaders would want to make this power their own. after a decade or so, villages would start targeting konoha.

Konoha has strong guys and with addition of kurama’s chakra cloak and possible jyuubi update the villages would not stand before konoha. however this will be main source of another problem. for the sake of peace, konoha would harm other villagers and other villages would only obey because there is no other choice. this reminds me the time madara forced oonoki and muu to join konoha despite hashirama’s promise.

I don’t think Nagato was quite smart, at least not from a strategic point of view. By virtue of having the Rinnegan he was able to learn anything, and the entire time he was being manipulated. That doesn’t strike me as smart. Saying that, a healthy Nagato was truly deadly, that much was easy to see when he bitched Naruto and Bee. However, Itachi then proved the difference between good and great, between power and excellence.